Methods to assess the cost-effectiveness of individualised care

This project includes an assessment of the different dimensions of heterogeneity affecting the cost effectiveness of health and care interventions and the value of identifying sub-groups (i.e. tailoring care to individuals in whom it is most cost effective). It also considers how patient choice feeds can be used to individualise care within a resource constrained health system.


Espinoza M, Manca A, Claxton K, Sculpher M. The value of heterogeneity for cost-effectiveness subgroup analysis: conceptual framework and application. Forthcoming.


Sculpher M. Economics Agenda for Development of Effective Personalized Medicine Strategies: Value of information. Symposium entitled 'Creating a Personalized Medicine Paradigm for Oncology', CRP-Santé, Luxembourg,18-19 June 2012

Project team

Manuel Espinoza, Mark Sculpher, Karl Claxton, Andrea Manca