Research overview

Current projects


The development of a brief generic mental health recovery (patient reported) outcome measure (MH-ROM).


Modelling the Cost-Effectiveness of Early Awareness Interventions for the Early Detection of Lung Cancer
The cost-effectiveness of therapies currently used in routine practice

Mental health

Measuring Outcomes in Depression

Social care

Survey of carers' breaks initiative
Methods of economic evaluation in social care

Shared decision making

Development of a framework for evaluating patient decision aids used in shared decision making.

Value of medicine optimisation

Economics of medicines optimisation


Review of methods and challenges in cost-effectiveness of genomics

Innovations in technology

Getting cost-effective technologies into practice: the value of implementation

Intersectoral effects

The relationship between health and income
NICE's cost-effectiveness threshold adjusted for wider social benefits
Economic evaluation when costs and effects cross sectors

Physical and mental comorbidities

Whole pathway modelling of interventions for patients with diabetes and depression.

Completed projects

Value based pricing

Eliciting societal preferences for value based pricing
Intersectoral effects for value based pricing - informal care
Estimating formal care resource use for value based pricing
Estimating productivity effects for value based pricing


Evaluating public health interventions for obesity from the perspective of local health authorities, funded by the public sector bodies
Methods of economic evaluation in social care

Individualised care

Methods to assess the cost-effectiveness of 'individualised care'


Early awareness interventions for cancer: colorectal cancer
A review of the methodological quality of cost-effectiveness evaluations of surgical interventions for breast, colorectal, or prostate cancer.
A review of the methodological quality of cost-effectiveness evaluations of radiotherapy for breast, colorectal, prostate, cervical and head and neck cancer

GP Patient Survey

Exploring methodologies to examine changes in quality of life for patients with long-term health conditions.